Whether you engage in a contingent or retained recruiting project with Excellence In Search, you’re immediately backed by the strength of an entire account management team, dedicated to investing whatever it takes to fill your position with the ideal candidate.

Every job we work to fill requires the development of an in-depth recruiting strategy, along with processes that form the foundational elements of a solid recruiting practice: research, name gathering, cold call recruiting, candidate pre-screening, and interviewing. In addition, our ability to uniquely reflect on each candidate and professionally recommend the best fit only comes with the experience that EIS offers.

Many companies have grown to rely on job boards and resume banks to locate potential candidates and grow internal databases. Rising unemployment rates have masked a labor market that continues to be tight—and the fear of job loss is causing many job seekers to be apprehensive about posting resumes and investigating potential career moves. Simply put, job boards are not as effective as they’ve been in the past. EIS provides a solid business partnership with candidates who are passively exploring the job market, giving our clients access to a wealth of qualified candidates who are at the heart of the untapped market.

With EIS, the candidates we present have been directly recruited to enter our candidate pool—we do not roam through posted resumes or post perpetual job descriptions to build an infinite resume database. When you use EIS to contingently recruit for a position, you’re taking advantage of a service that guarantees time-tested, proven methodologies for finding highly qualified candidates with the best possible functional and cultural fit.